Climat-control ceilings

Interalu climate-control ceilings for unparalleled comfort

Whether it's heating or cooling you need, we'll design a ceiling that meets your exact requirements. Cooling is the most popular choice, which is why you may have heard our ceilings referred to as 'chilled ceilings'.
When developing our climate-control ceilings we always keep four things in mind:

  • your comfort (temperature and acoustics)
  • your costs (of maintenance and operation)
  • your budget
  • the flexibility of your building

Your comfort

How comfortable a space is depends on temperature, air humidity and acoustics. Interalu climate-control ceilings make use of the principles of radiation and absorption in order to achieve the desired temperature. This approach to climate-control has the following advantages:

  • you have complete control over the temperature and the air humidity in your building
  • there is no annoyance from draughts or hot air blowers (and hence no allergens or dry air)
  • it affords great efficiency

The pipes in an Interalu climate-control ceiling are distributed across the entire surface of the (active) ceiling. This creates an even distribution of temperature (hot or cold) from wall to wall.
Our steel ceiling panels have excellent acoustic qualities. Any echo is negligible. And depending on the use of the space (auditorium, conference room, classroom, ...) environmental noise can also be dampened using acoustic barriers.

Your maintenance and operating costs

Whether you intend to occupy, sell or rent the building, low maintenance and operating costs are always to your advantage. And this is something that Interalu pays close attention to in various ways.  For example, our climate-control ceilings have as much as 90% fewer connections than other systems. Furthermore, these connections are kept in corridors or technical areas.  Should maintenance be required for any reason, you can continue working, uninterrupted.

An Interalu climate-control ceiling uses very little energy. It can already start to cool the space with water at 18-19°C. In comparison with other cooling and heating systems, an Interalu climate-control ceiling always comes out cheaper. And this can be the clinching argument when it comes to selling or renting your property. Because, as you undoubtedly already know, climate-control ceilings have in recent years become absolutely essential in any modern office building.

The flexibility of your building

Today you might be building or purchasing a building with a specific use in mind. You know exactly how you want to divide up the space. But perhaps in a year, or even ten years from now, the way the building is used could change. You might find you need smaller rooms, or larger rooms for that matter. Interalu always keeps this possibility in mind. Our ceilings are installed such that you can easily put up a new wall at any time. The standard approach is to install one or two passive panels every 1.25 metres. This maintains the flexibility of your spaces and allows you to be creative in dividing them up as you wish.

Your budget

We always keep a close eye on the available budget on all our projects. You can also rest assured that your monthly energy bill will be significantly less with an Interalu climate-control ceiling than with traditional heating systems. What's more, there are scarcely any maintenance costs (no special cleaning agents, no repainting, etc.) and metal ceilings have a very long lifespan.