Budget-friendly & flexible

Easy-KlimaPlus®: the name says it all. We call it 'easy', because the ceiling is simplicity itself to maintain.
If you're looking for a budget-friendly and flexible climate-control ceiling that contributes to a comfortable environment, you need look no further than the Easy-KlimaPlus®. The numbers speak for themselves: Interalu has already installed more than 2,5 million square metres of this type of ceiling.

> 2,5 million m² installed to date

Easy-KlimaPlus® is an industry favourite. This is clear from the enormous number of square metres of this type of ceiling that Interalu has already been asked to install. This ceiling has huge flexibility; it adapts to fit your building, and not the other way around. Easy-KlimaPlus® really fits every space: square, rectangular, round and everything in between. Interalu always installs the pipework (required to cool or heat your space) from wall to wall. This allows a perfect distribution of the cool or warm air across your entire space.

Low installation height

One of the greatest advantages of the Easy-KlimaPlus® is its low installation height. A height of five centimetres from the plenum space is all that is required for Easy-KlimaPlus®. Which is one of the main reasons why Easy-KlimaPlus® is such a popular choice for renovations as well as new developments. Older buildings are often quite limited with respect to the available height. Thanks to Easy-KlimaPlus®, they can still meet today's standards for modern buildings without a significant loss of space.

Top quality acoustics

Easy-KlimaPlus® panels are fitted together without joints in between. This gives the ceiling intrinsically excellent acoustic qualities. Depending on the space's intended use, you can optimise the acoustics further by opting for perforated panels. In combination with horizontal acoustic mats, it is possible to create the perfect level of absorption across all frequencies. This is particularly useful for conference rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and open plan offices.


Its efficient production process in combination with its innovative activation mechanism make Easy-KlimaPlus® a climate-control ceiling that’s kind on your budget. The installation of the ceiling is a surprisingly quick process, saving you both time and money.

Technical info

  • Modulation: 75 mm
  • Width: 150, 200, 225 mm
  • Without joints
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Perforation degree: Ø 2 mm: 16-23%
  • Cooling: 90% radiation + 10% convection, 74 - 78 W/m² at ∆t 10K
  • Heating: 100% radiation, 96 W/m² at ∆t 15K