Easy-KlimaPlus with NanoPerfo®

Certification of sustainability and building standards

Certification of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for buildings that aim to meet certain standards (BREEAM, EPB, etc.). On request from architects and builders who are committed to meet these standards, Interalu offers Easy-KlimaPlus with NanoPerfo® technology.


Unique combination of optimal light refection and excellent acoustic absorption

When it comes to ceiling panels, optimal light reflection and excellent acoustic absorption are essential. With perforations of only 0,8mm NanoPerfo® combines the best of both. This results in more than 80% light reflection so you need less artificial light and you save on your energy bill. The strong acoustic absorption (αw 0.75) significantly improves speech intelligibility, comfort and the overall atmosphere in a room.

Technische specificaties

  • Full Perfo 0,8mm
  • Air 2%
  • Light reflection >80%
  • Acoustic absorption αw 0,75