As an engineer, your main concern is performance. You are expected to provide the maximum flexibility with the minimum of resources, and to achieve as great a result as possible. Quite a tall order, but at least you can rely on Interalu's climate-control ceilings.

Quick response, high efficiency

Interalu climate-control ceilings have low thermal inertia and high conductivity. Our system uses little energy itself, functioning practically as a gateway for energy to pass through. This means that every room can be brought quickly and evenly to the desired temperature. Our ceilings work using radiation, so there's no annoying draught or stale air to worry about. Interalu ceilings offer the ideal 'Class A Comfort' living environment.

Maximum acoustic comfort

Choose perforated panels in combination with a sound-absorbing lining and/or acoustic blanket to provide an enormous increase in the clarity of speech in your space. This solution is commonly used in auditoriums, schools and conference rooms. You might also opt to have vertical baffles or acoustic barriers fitted to reduce noise in corridors and adjoining spaces. Good acoustics can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort afforded by your space.

SAPP®ceiling's open structure leaves possibilities open too

The SAPP®ceiling's open structure (40% with continuous ceilings and 70% with island ceilings) facilitates the integration of the entire building in the ecological energy plan of your project through the use of night-time cooling.

Interalu Research & Development

Our R&D department regularly collaborates with specialist research institutions and consulting firms. We have drawn on the knowledge of the University of Ghent (BE) in the field of fire safety, the University of Stuttgart (DE) in the field of climate-control technology and Peutz engineering consultancy (NL) in our effort to perfect the acoustic qualities of our ceilings.

Anthony Schrauwen
June, 2020

As of this week Anthony Schrauwen takes over 100% of the shares of the Interalu Group, consisting of Interalu (specialist in climate-control ceilings) and LCC (distributor of modular ceilings). The shares of the family company were divided between Anthony and his brother.

September, 2016

Interalu was founded in 1971 by Ludo Schrauwen. Back then, the Antwerp-based company produced all metal ceilings for the Belgian market. In 1994, sons Anthony and Stephan took over leadership of the company.

March, 2016

Not less than three buildings with Interalu climate ceilings won prizes during the MIPIM in Cannes last week.

June, 2014

On September 17 & 18, Interalu will be present on Architect@Work in Ahoy, Rotterdam (Netherlands). We will be glad to welcome you on our stand 135. We will introduce you to our new SAPP®ceilingHybrid.

April, 2014

De Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is een onafhankelijke non-profit organisatie die streeft naar blijvende verduurzaming van de bebouwde omgeving van Nederland.