There are a multitude of factors to bear in mind these days when it comes to any new development or renovation. Sustainability, comfort and lifespan are some of the most critical factors to consider when choosing your materials and suppliers.


Steel climate-control ceilings from Interalu always score very highly in all these areas. According to the NIBE-index, steel is one of the most sustainable materials there is. It is 100% recyclable and has a long lifespan. Interalu climate-control ceilings can cool your spaces with water at 18-19°C, which means little energy is required to produce excellent results.


Because Interalu climate-control ceilings work with radiated heat, there is no annoyance from draughts, noise or the circulation of stale air. What's more, our ceilings offer outstanding acoustics. This is essential in any space in which it is important that people can be heard clearly, such as conference rooms, classrooms auditoriums and open plan offices. In such environments, having good acoustics can make all the difference with respect to comfort.

Long lifespan

A steel ceiling from Interalu will last for years and years. Our ceilings offer reliable climate-control with a timeless aesthetic and without the need for any special maintenance procedures.

Anthony Schrauwen
June, 2020

As of this week Anthony Schrauwen takes over 100% of the shares of the Interalu Group, consisting of Interalu (specialist in climate-control ceilings) and LCC (distributor of modular ceilings). The shares of the family company were divided between Anthony and his brother.

September, 2016

Interalu was founded in 1971 by Ludo Schrauwen. Back then, the Antwerp-based company produced all metal ceilings for the Belgian market. In 1994, sons Anthony and Stephan took over leadership of the company.

March, 2016

Not less than three buildings with Interalu climate ceilings won prizes during the MIPIM in Cannes last week.

June, 2014

On September 17 & 18, Interalu will be present on Architect@Work in Ahoy, Rotterdam (Netherlands). We will be glad to welcome you on our stand 135. We will introduce you to our new SAPP®ceilingHybrid.

April, 2014

De Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is een onafhankelijke non-profit organisatie die streeft naar blijvende verduurzaming van de bebouwde omgeving van Nederland.