Climate-control ceiling in plasterboard

Interalu's main line is the production and installation of metal climate-control ceilings. We do however offer an alternative to metal climate-control ceilings in the form of Interalu Leonardo.

This plasterboard climate-control ceiling works with the same technology as the SAPP®ceiling and the Easy-KlimaPlus®: a system of pipes through which water flows, heating or cooling the room by way of radiation. The level of comfort afforded by the Leonardo system is therefore on a par with that of the metal climate-control ceilings offered by Interalu.

Technical info

  • Cooling:  90 % radiation,  10 % convection.  ca. 50 W/m² at ∆t 10K
  • Heating: 100% radiation.  ca. 70 W/m² at ∆t 15K