Powerful and eco-friendly

SAPP stands for Smart Acoustic Passive Power. If you are striving for the highest possible standards with respect to sustainability, eco-friendliness and passive construction but won’t accept any compromise on acoustic and thermal comfort, the SAPP®ceiling is the solution for you. The SAPP®ceiling is also a winner from an architectural perspective thanks to its unique open structure and aesthetic appeal.

Low energy usage

Its open structure (40-70%) makes the SAPP®ceiling unique in the world of climate-control ceilings. Its design makes it possible to integrate the entire building in the energy plan of your project through its use of night-time cooling. With a water supply at 18-19°C, the SAPP®ceiling offers Class A comfort. Not to mention a low energy bill.

High efficiency

The SAPP®ceiling has low thermal inertia and a high conductivity. It is very energy-efficient, quickly bringing all your separate spaces to the desired temperature. There is no need for any additional heating or cooling systems.

Optimal acoustics

The open structure of the SAPP®ceiling offers several different possibilities for optimising your space's acoustics. You might opt for vertical baffles and/or perforated panels. This affords great sound absorbency, which in turn aids intelligibility in the space with respect to the spoken voice. You might also opt to install acoustic barriers to aid longitudinal sound

Technical info

  • Modulation: 50 mm
  • Width: 30 mm, joint: 20 mm
  • Height: 39 mm
  • Perforation degree: Ø 1mm:  ± 20%
  • Air: ± 40-70%
  • Cooling: 65-70% radiation, 35-30% convection. 103 W/m² at ∆t 10K
  • Heating: 100% radiation. 71 W/m² at ∆t 15K