About Interalu

You and Interalu

Interalu has specialised in metal ceilings for more than 45 years now. And for nearly two decades our main focus has been on climate-control ceilings in particular. Interalu seeks to be more just than the supplier of an excellent product. We also attach a great deal of importance to collaboration; we see your project as our project. The scope of our commitment to you can be summed up under the following four headings: 

  • complete solution
  • flexibility
  • innovation
  • sustainability

Complete solution

Interalu works closely with you right from the start of your project. And we keep a finger on its pulse until the job is done. Our approach is guided by your specific requirements. What kind of environment do you aim to create? Are you after a sleek design or something more functional? Perhaps something in between? What are your requirements with respect to health and (fire) safety? Should the spaces be permanent or modular? And what about utilities and maintenance? Your project is in safe hands with the Interalu team – from the design phase, to the production phase, and on to the installation of your ceiling.


Flexibility is one of Interalu's great strengths. We strongly believe that the installation of your climate-control ceiling shouldn’t come at the cost of your building's versatility. Our company's structure and our way of working are both designed to enable us to think along with you and to share our knowledge with you. Interalu’s flexibility also extends to the ceilings themselves, which can easily be adapted to fit any space: round, square, triangular and everything in between.


Innovation is second nature to us. Our R&D department is always on the lookout for new and better techniques that can offer added value to our products and services. Which is why we often work with specialist research institutes and consulting firms. We have benefited from the expertise of the University of Ghent (BE) in the field of fire safety, the University of Stuttgart (DE) in the field of climate-control technology and Peutz engineering consultancy (NL) with respect to the acoustic qualities of our ceilings.


Every Interalu ceiling is a sustainable, high-quality Belgian product.
Interalu consciously opts for solutions that have a minimal ecological impact. Our sister company, the producer of ceiling strips LLC-Plafonds, purchases its raw materials as close to home as possible. During production we use our own green power supply in addition to sustainable and eco-friendly techniques. Furthermore, steel is an ecologically responsible and sustainable material that is highly recyclable. And because we only build to order, there is never an excessive amount of waste.

A family business with an international reputation

Interalu was founded in 1971 by Ludo Schrauwen together with Nestor Coudré. Sons Anthony and Stephan Schrauwen took over the share of the company held by Nestor Coudré in 1994. Together they helped Interalu to become the first stop for climate-control ceilings in Belgium. Today Interalu is still a family business through and through, but now with even more committed employees and an international reputation. In addition to its headquarters in Antwerp, the group also has branches in France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.